Cuddletastic mix



Type: Cuddletastic Mix

Age: Young adult

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Color: Tan/Brown

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

Wollie was hit by a car at the beginning of October 2019.
He eventually ended up at AACL Bellville who assisted by pinning his broken leg. After 6 weeks of weekly bandage changes he was admitted back to have the pin removed. Alas the bone had not mended, meaning another operation to attach an external fixater.
He spent a few weeks in cage rest and was then allowed out with this contraption. Poor guy has roughly 5 weeks to klonk around with this thing on a and we’re holding everything that the bone will heal and he can continue on as a normal little guy.
Thank you to all who assisted with donations to help him. He’s a sweet little guy who desperately wants to play but is supposed to take it easy!

Hi Future Owner!

Please give me a nice warm home.


Love, Tara

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