Top Class mix


Type: Top Class Mix

Age: Adult

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Color: White

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinated

In 7 weeks Benji made the most amazing transition. Not just physically but emotionally too.
Coming in from Mitchell’s Plain as a dog who had just about given up on life.
Every day I cried as I watched him sit in a corner with his head down. The only reason we didn’t “put him out of his misery” was that he ate so well, but only if he thought no one was watching . He would flinch with evey touch but never let us see his eyes.
I’ll never forget the day, 2 weeks later, when he suddenly lifted his head and made eye contact, staring at me. It felt a little unnerving at first.
Now Benji is a happy lovable playful dog.
He’s not fully “haired” yet but definitely fully healed.

Hi Future Owner!

I am waiting for YOU, please give me a chance!


Love, Benji

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